Senior Secondary Curriculum - delivered through the HKDSE and the IBDP courses 
高中課程 - 香港中學文憑試以及國際文憑預科項目課程

The most distinctive feature of our Senior Secondary Curriculum is the wide range of courses we provide to support the diverse aspirations and career pathways of our students. After following a broad and balanced junior secondary curriculum, students clearly look forward to pursuing their individual interests through opportunities to specialise.


As students begin their HKDSE studies in Form 4. In addition to the 4 compulsory core subjects, Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies, they have a free choice of any three from the 13 elective subjects offered across the 4 Key Learning Areas (Sciences, Humanities, Arts and Technology) of the Hong Kong curriculum.


In the HKDSE, all students study the 4 core subjects of Chinese (as a 1st or 2nd language) English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies. English Literature and extended modules in Mathematics are also available to students in Form 5 & 6 who aspire to these additional challenges. Students also follow a programme of Other Learning Experiences (OLE).


Form 4 students may apply to study the IB Diploma Programme as an option to the principally offered HKDSE at CSS. The IBDP programme begins in Form 5, and entry is through a selection process conducted during Form 4. The programme at CSS also offers many subjects as well as a compulsory core of 3 components – Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (ToK) and Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS).


Whilst both Diplomas have successfully supported many CSS students to enter universities in Hong Kong and abroad, a major difference between the two Diplomas is the degree of specialisation.


The IBDP requires all students to study literature, a science and a humanities subject as 3 out of 6 compulsory courses of study. In the HKDSE, the study of literature is optional, and there is no restriction on any elective combinations or number of subjects, so students can choose just sciences or arts electives, for example. This is why two Diplomas are offered at CSS, to meet the aspirations and aptitudes of different students.


In both Diplomas, F5 and F6 students share a common core of learning which includes a combined CAS/OLE programme, a personal growth programme, physical education as well as guidance in university entries, careers & life planning.


For further information please refer to our F4 – F6 Senior Curriculum Brochure, as well as the IB Diploma Programme webpage and the HKSAR Education Bureau’s webpages on the Hong Kong curriculum, particularly the HKDSE section.



當學生於中四開始其香港中學文憑課程時,除了中文、英文、數學和通識四科必修科外,學生可以從十三個橫跨香港課程的四個主要學習領域 (科學、人文、藝術和科學) 的選修科目中,選修任何三科。




啓思中學主要使提供「香港中學文憑試」課程,但中四學生亦可申請於中五開始修讀兩年的 國際文憑預科項目(IBDP) 課程。學校會於學生中四時篩選他們是否合適選讀IBDP課程。


學校亦會提供給IBDP學生不少的科目供他們選擇,另外,學生亦必須修讀三個的核心元素科目── 拓展論文(EE)、知識論(ToK),以及創意、活動和服務(CAS)。




IBDP要求所有學生於必修的六個科目中一定要修讀文學、科學和人文科目三科。而在香港中學文憑試 (DSE) 課程,修讀文學是屬於選修科,並且沒有任何選修科組合或科目數目的限制。舉例來說,學生可以只是修讀科學或文科的選修科。因此,啓思中學提供了兩個不同的文憑試課程,配合不同學生的志向和能力。





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