IB Diploma 2015 Results

This year's CSS IB Diploma results were released on 7th July 2015. Once again, they clearly surpassed world averages for all IB World Schools.

At CSS, access to study the IBDP is not restricted solely to our strongest students – our IBDP cohort includes students of all levels of ability. Each student is individually advised and guided in accordance with their interests, aspirations and choices of university courses as to which Diploma they should study.

The following is a statistical summary of 96 CSS students who took the full set of IB Diploma examinations:
IB Diploma results (May 2015) CSS IB world average
92 awarded the IB Diploma 95.8% 79%
Average score for students achieving the Diploma 34.2 points 30 points
46 Students scored 35 or more points  50.6%   
12 students scored 40 or more points  13.2%   


Congratulations to our top student Natalie Kwan who has been accepted into HKU Faculty of Medicine!