History Bee and Bowl Students Achieve Special Recognition 

History Bee and Bowl Students achieve special recognition From the 9th of June to the 13th of June, a group of 19 students and two teachers attended the 2016 Asian Championships of the International History Bee and Bowl.
Held in Phuket, Thailand and covering everything from the advent of the abacus to zebra zygotes, this academic buzzer-quiz style competition pits students from across Asia. This competition provided students who are interested in the study of history an excellent opportunity to showcase their knowledge and to interact with some of the top opponents in the world. Other schools participating in the competition included Renaissance College Hong Kong, the India International School of Japan and others from China, Malaysia, Nepal Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.
The compeition encourages students to balance their knowledge with risk-taking as delaying too long can cost you the point, while rushing in can often prove to be disastrous! After a guelling series of rounds, which begin at 8am and end at 9pm, our students came out of the competition stronger, more knowledgeable and with a determined attitude to improve. Congratulations should also go to the following students who achieved special recognition among their peers:
Top 8th in the Sports and Entertainment Bee competition - Eric Lo F4Ju
Top 16th in the History Bee competition - Terence Chow F4De, Alfred Chan F4Bo, Wesley Wong F3Ba
Top 8th in the History Bowl team Competition - Creative A: Terence Chow F4De, Eric Lo F4Ju, Dominic Lumley-Smith F4De, Ho Haw Dong F4De, Alfred Chan F4Bo
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