Fundraising for Stray Dogs 

After all students have their different jobs for the F4 World of Work, they had their own thoughts and feelings towards what they worked for. As for Jack Luk (Bo4), Brian Pang (Ju4) and Abbey Basoglu (Ba4), they all volunteered to work for organizations that rescue and take care of stray animals. They felt awful about abandoned animals since they saw and heard everything from the first hand.


After the World of Work, school teacher Ms. Hahm asked them if they wanted to organize a whole school event that we raise awareness of the animal welfare and also raise money. They then met regularly to organize this fundraising event, including activities such as face painting, chopstick game, guess the candies in the jar, bake sale and casual wear day. Then, the three students presented their plans at the Middle School assembly. Afterwards, many of their friends offered to help.


The fundraising event was successful that it raised $9,222 to SPCA. Jack, Abbey and Brian are happy that money they raised will be used for the veterinary care, rehabilitation and other daily needs. They would like to express their gratitude to everyone for helping out with games, sales, donations and words of encouragement. 


If you want to contribute to help our four-legged friends in SPCA (or other organizations, please talk to Jack, Abbey or Brian or see the links below:





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