CSS Continues to Achieve Excellent IB Results


Second Year of successful IB Diploma Results for Creative Secondary School

IB Students of Creative Secondary School (CSS) again achieved very good results in this year's IB Diploma examinations, clearly surpassing average scores across all IB World Schools. Having only 2 years of history in preparing students for this challenging public examination, the school is now statistically on par with many established IB schools in Hong Kong.

After completing their IB Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) at S4 level, CSS students choose either the IB Diploma (IBDP) or the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) to study at S5 & S6 levels. At CSS, access to study the IBDP is not restricted solely to its strongest students. Each student is individually advised and guided in accordance with their interests, aspirations and choices of university courses as to which Diploma suits them best.

In 2013, 56,270 students in over 2000 IB schools across the world entered for the full IB Diploma examinations. The following is a statistical summary of CSS's 2013 IB Diploma results against world averages:

IB Diploma results (May 2013) CSS IB world average
63 Students awarded the IB Diploma 97% 78.5%
14 Students who scored 40 or more points 21.5% 4.4% *
38 Students who scored 35 or more points 58.5% 19.5% *
54 Students who scored 30 or more points 83.1% 46.6% *
Average score for students achieving the Diploma 35.3 points 29.8 points
Students who achieved the Bilingual Diploma 55.6% not known

* these averages are based on May 2012 results. The statistics for May 2013 are not yet available.


A distinctive feature of the IB Diploma programme is the provision for students to achieve the bilingual Diploma. This is only awarded to students who either study literature-based courses in two languages, or if they study a literature-based course in a language that is different from the language of instruction of their other courses. At CSS, 35 out of 63 students achieved the IB Bilingual Diploma because they studied Chinese Literature while all other subjects were studied in English, scoring three 7's, twenty two 6's and ten 5's.

To confidently secure a place among the more renowned universities in nations popular with students of Hong Kong, students are expected to score 35 points or above. To enter the very top universities around the world, students usually need to score at least 38 points or above. To enter the traditionally difficult and challenging courses such as Medicine and Law both in Hong Kong and overseas, the expected score could be as high as 42 points or above.

All IBDP students have to choose six subjects, for which they can be awarded a maximum of seven points each. A further three points can be earned from their Extended Essay and the Theory of Knowledge course. Students must score at least 24 points and meet other IB requirements in order to be awarded the IB Diploma.

(For further details please contact the school office of Creative Secondary School at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website at www.css.edu.hk)