MY1 Class Teacher
Ms. Bryony Pollock BA (Hons) Fine Art, PGDE

Ms. Pollock originally from Scotland, has lived and worked in Hong Kong for six years before joining CSS in August 2016. After working as a class teacher in a local Glasgow Primary School, Ms. Pollock moved to Hong Kong, taking on a variety of teaching and administrative positions in a local international school. Over the past six years, Ms. Pollock has explored the International Baccalaureate through the Middle Year Programmes (IBMYP) as a Visual Arts teacher and an English teacher, a Head of Year, a CAS Week Trip Leader, a Personal Project Supervisor and a Community Project Supervisor. She has also taught the Primary Years Programme with a specific focus on the final year Exhibition. Ms. Pollock’s most recent work experience was within a secondary school as Head of Year for the transition year, teaching Visual Arts and English within the MYP curriculum. In addition to her love of drawing and dressmaking, Ms. Pollock enjoys hiking, travelling and discovering new things to do in Hong Kong and Asia.

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