S1 to S3 中一至中三

S1 to S3 Admission Information

Respecting Individuality


A core belief of our school is that each student is unique and that it is our task to foster each student's potential to the full. The school's admission principle and the curriculum we offer reflect this belief.

From Secondary 1 to Secondary 3, our broad and balanced curriculum is ready to welcome all students who have the motivation and readiness to participate actively in learning. Specifically, since English is the medium of learning for all subjects other than Chinese, the student's ability to communicate and learn through English is a key factor to be considered for all applications.

The school offers generous fee remission for students with financial need, as well as scholarships for students with outstanding performance.


中一至中三 入學資訊






S1 Admission Information 中一入學申請資料


 A.   Admission Policy - eligibility to apply 
 甲.   入學政策 ──申請資格
 a)  Generally, minimum eligibility to apply to CSS Secondary 1 is a student’s completion of local Primary 6 education or the    completion of an IB PYP course or an equivalent primary school course from another education system (e.g. UK,  Canada  etc).
 b)  Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case to case basis e.g. Australian or Singapore-based applicants  mid-way through their school year.
 c)  The eligibility to apply to be admitted into CSS is not mechanistically based on age nor on the number of years of  schooling before admission.
 d)  For an eligible applicant to be successful in gaining admission, the evaluation procedure is outlined in section B below.
 1.  一般來說,啟思中學中一學位的基本申請資格是修畢本地小學六年級課程,又或完成IB PYP課程或其他教育制度內相  等於小學 的課程(例如英國、加拿大等)。
 2.  會視乎情況,對特殊個案作個別考慮,例如學年中途插班的澳洲或新加坡的申請者。
 3.  申請入讀啓思中學的資格並不一定硬性根據學生的年齡或在學年份
 4.  符合入學條件的申請者,將根據以下取錄程序進行甄選:


 B.   Admission Procedure for S1 Students
 乙.   中一生入學程序
 The decision on whether to admit a student into Secondary 1 of CSS is based on an evaluation in a holistic manner of all the  factors listed below:


 The applicant’s primary school report (particularly the final two years prior to admission).


 The primary school principal’s reference / recommendation letter, if available.


 The student’s personal portfolio containing student’s and parent’s statements,  student’s personal growth profile and achievements - not more than 4 sheets of A4.
 d)  Benchmark English & Chinese (Putonghua) comprehension test score.
 e)  The student’s performance during the admission interview with the principal or his delegate.
 f)  The parents’ and student’s attitude, aspirations, understanding and alignment with the school’s education philosophy, as  expressed in writing and at the admission interview.
 1.  申請學生的小學成績表(特別是申請入學前兩年的成績表)。
 2.  小學校長推薦信(如適用)。
 3.  學生的個人檔案,包括學生及家長的陳述、學生的個人成長簡介和成就 (不多過4張A4)。
 4.  英文及中文(普通話)理解基準測試得分。
 5.  學生與校長或其代表在面試時的表現。
 6.  家長和學生在書面陳述中和面試時表現的態度、抱負,以及對學校教育理念的理解和配合。


S2 and S3 Admission Information 中二及中三入學申請資料


The school usually reserves a few vacancies in Secondary 2 and Secondary 3 for students who wish to transfer from another school or from another country.

Students applying for admission into Secondary 2 or 3 are expected to have achieved good grades for conduct and academic subjects in their previous school. A positive reference from their existing school is required. The ability and willingness to communicate in English is an essential pre-condition for admission.  Please contact the school office for an application form and further details.