S4 To S5 中四 至中五

S4 to S5 Admission Information 



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Breakthrough to Success

A core belief of our school is that each student is unique and that it is our task to foster each student's potential to the full. For S4 – S6 students we actively prepare students holistically for progression into Higher Education. The admission process and the curriculum we offer reflect this belief.

From S4 to S6, we provide a wide range of elective subjects to match the different strengths and diverse aspirations of our students. When an application is received, we explore together with the student and parent, through the interview process, to establish if there is a good fit between the student's background and aspirations and either of our two Diploma programmes.




Studying the Senior Secondary Curriculum at CSS as a new student  啟思中學高中插班生

Secondary 4 Overview  中四概覽


Our S4 curriculum is a unique, integrated preparatory year for students’ last two years of diploma education before entering university.

Core subjects – all S4 students study the four core subjects of English, Chinese, Liberal Studies and Mathematics. Liberal Studies is taught through the medium of English. All students also follow a structured course in Physical Education, as part of their Other Learning Experiences.

Elective Subjects - students can request to study any combination of three electives, from the following twelve electives offered:

  • Arts – Music, Visual Arts
  • Humanities – Economics, Geography, History
  • Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Technologies – Business, Accounting & Financial Studies (BAFS), Design & Applied Technology, Information & Communication Technology, Technology and Living (Food)

Other Learning Experiences (OLE) – S4 students undertake a 6 month personal project on a topic of their own choice, participate in community service and the school’s multi-faceted after-school co-curricular programme. They also undertake one week’s experience of the World of Work in various workplaces in Hong Kong and beyond. They continue to research into possible university courses and future careers.


Admission to Secondary 4  中四入學申請

Students are expected to have achieved good grades in their previous school. Students are also expected to demonstrate their commitment to learning through their portfolio and their interview performance.

By applying to join S4, a new student will begin the three year Hong Kong Diploma (HKDSE). Students who wish to be considered for the IB Diploma in Form 5 will be assessed by the school and a decision would be made in April/May. Please refer to the website's curriculum section for details. For more information about admission into S4 please contact the Head of Middle School via  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Students are invited to apply by 15th April , and submit a copy of their two most recent school reports and a portfolio of recent achievements. Students with strong performance are invited to apply for a scholarship. Applicants applying after April 15th can be considered on an individual basis, although the choice of elective courses may be subject to availability.


加入啟思中學修讀中四,學生將會開始三年制的香港中學文憑課程。在中四完結的時候,他們會繼續修讀中學文憑,或開始IB大學預科第一年的課程。詳情請參考本網頁的課程部份。如欲知道更多關於中四入學的資料,請電郵This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Secondary 5 & 6 Overview  中五及中六概覽


In Secondary 5 & 6, students continue with the HK Diploma courses they started in S4, unless permitted by the school to study the IB Diploma.  The school will take all factors into consideration, including the student’s learning aptitude, academic performance, subject combinations, future career intentions, and decide which diploma is most suitable for each student. 

For the HKDSE, students continue with the 4 core subjects and may consider continuing with their 3 electives or concentrating on just 2 electives; Mathematics Module 1 & 2 is offered separately. 

For the IB Diploma, students need to study six subjects over two years and complete 3 core requirements – Extended Essay, TOK and CAS. 

For further details, students are advised to read the school’s curriculum brochures, and seek the advice of the Head of Upper School. 

中五中六的學生會持續他們的香港中學文憑課程,或申請修讀IB 大學預科。學校會將各方面的因素納入考慮,包括學生的學習傾向、學術表現、學科選擇、事業意向等,以決定哪一項文憑比較適合學生的需要。





Admission to Secondary 5  中五入學

Normally, admission to the HKDSE programme is only by special arrangement because the HKDSE is a 3 year course starting at S4. Admission to S5 is invited for students interested in the IB Diploma.


Students who have been admitted into our IB Diploma Programme in the past have usually achieved one of the following:


1. Hong Kong Senior Secondary Curriculum Form 4 - very good grades in all 4 core and at least two elective subjects


2. IGCSE/GCSE/O levels (Singapore) - 5 passes at grade B, including Mathematics, English and preferably Chinese

    IGCSE/GCSE/O levels (新加坡):五科B級或以上,包括數學、英語,如有中文科更佔優

3. IB Middle Years Programme Certificate - scoring at least 42 points from 8 MYP subjects and the Personal Project

    IB 中學項目:獲42分或以上,包括8個科目及個人專題報告

4. Completion with good grades of Grade 10 or equivalent from Australian, Canadian, US or other systems.



They have also demonstrated an understanding and commitment to the IB Learner Profile (http://www.ibo.org/benefits/learner-profile/) through their portfolio and their interview performance. For more information about admission into S5 please contact the Head of Upper School via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
同時,他們需要展現對IB學習者素質的理解 (
http://www.ibo.org/benefits/learner-profile/)。如欲知道更多更多入學資訊,請聯絡高中事務主任 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)