Student Development


House System

A Vertical House System to strengthen pastoral care and enhance students' academic, social and leadership development.

There are 6 Houses in CSS. They are named after 6 flowering trees commonly found in Hong Kong, each with distinctive flower colors. The trees were chosen through a contest involving the first cohort of students.



Students and teaching staffs are assigned to one of the houses when they join the school.

The House system is vertical. Over the coming years, house groups will be formed consisting of students from Form 1 to Form 6. The house groups will develop the characteristics of a large family unit, where students will develop close friendships and have the opportunity to practise leadership and service skills. In time, the Houses are encouraged to develop their own heritage and tradition.

In each house group, students' academic advancement as well as personal growth will be overseen by their house tutor. The house tutor becomes a parental figure in students' life at school and supports them throughout their eventful, fast-paced growth as teenagers. The tutor is also the key link between the school and the parents, with in-depth and rounded understanding of each student in his/her tutor group.