Student Development Team

P&A Team 


The essence of the school ethos is to create an inviting environment of mutual trust and respect that provides age-appropriate support and guidance for students.

Our Progress and Achievement Team, comprised of Director of Student Progress and Achievement, Head & Deputy Heads of School, Head & Deputy Heads of Experiential Learning, House Tutors, School Counselors, Learning Support Coordinator, Director of Careers and University Guidance, and the school-based Social Worker provides comprehensive pastoral care and guidance to all our students.

This begins with the House tutors who are charged with the well-being and progress of their students. Working with House tutors, the P & A Team provides F.1 to F.6 students with an age-appropriate life skills programme called Personal Growth Programme, which include Careers & Life Planning activities from F.3 to F.6. The Director of Careers and University Guidance helps students to consider their career paths and assists students in identifying colleges and universities which best match their strengths and interests.

We offer students many opportunities to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills. These opportunities include the CSS Student Union, Student Leaders, Student Ambassadors and House Captains who are responsible for organizing community and school volunteer services and addressing issues of student concern.

The Co-curricular Activities Programme encourages students to pursue personal interests and foster their individual potential.