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CSS Student awards the first runner-up in robot competition


Jonathan Ho (F1 Ba), together with his teammate, became the first-runner-up at the 2017 Robofest Hong Kong competition on 25 February 2017. His team will enter the finals of Robofest in the United States in June.

Robofest is a festival of competitions and events with autonomous robots that encourages students to have fun while learning principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Computer Science. Students design, construct, and program the robots. Any robotics kits are allowed in the construction of robots. Robots can be programmed with any programming language. Robofest programs support Computer Science for All.

Since 2000, over 20,000 students have competed in Robofest, including teams from 13 US States, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, England, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Singapore, and South Africa.