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Welcome to the CSS Drama Department 10-Minute Play Festival

Why produce five short plays, you might ask, why not one long play?

Good question. We had three main goals for our students when we chose these plays: To create opportunities for student directors, create more opportunities for student actors, and allow students to experience and learn about a variety of theatrical styles.

Directing a full-length play would be an overwhelming challenge for a busy secondary school student. But a 10-minute play gives a student the opportunity to learn about directing on a smaller scale with a manageable project. Most plays have two, three, or maybe four “lead roles.” With five short plays we could give many more young actors meaningful speaking roles in a variety of plays with a variety of acting styles - naturalistic to broad comedy, to highly stylized and surrealistic.

Four of tonight’s five plays are comedies. But issues of rising nationalism, separatism, power struggles and fascism will surface in these plays too, just as they surface in our daily news. It has been an exciting process to work with our student actors and directors. We are proud of their hard work and we thank you for coming to share this event with us. Enjoy the show!

 - Ms. Alexandra Campion & Mr. D.J. Hamilton


NORMAN - a businessman visiting a foreign land – Samuel Yuen F4Ca
INTERPRETER - his guide and translator - Ronan Fernie F5Ba
FLORA - a clerk in a souvenir shop - Bhavanprit Kaur F4Ja
Directed by Jasmine Wright F5Bo
Designer: Cherry Lau F5Ju
Production Assistant: Damien Filluel F2Ba
SCENE: A Souvenir Shop


(ALMOST) PERFECT by Mary Gallagher
TINA – A young professional woman. She lives with her boyfriend “Binky.” - Chloe Chung F4Bo
KITTY – Tina’s best friend. Also a young professional woman. She is single - Jisu Yun F4Ju
DAN – A lawyer. Binky’s friend and co-worker. Also single - Karanpreet Singh F4Ja
Directed by Angus Chow F6Ca and Ashleigh Ng F5Ja
Designer: Hailey Kim F5De
Production Assistant: Amogha Sudhakar F3Ju
SCENE: The kitchen of Tina & Binky’s apartment. A small dinner party, the present


HEART OF THE DOVE by Marcy Rodenborn
QUEEN HERMIONE – exalted Queen – Rhiannon Jenkins F2Ca
ANGELICA – Her eldest daughter. Bit of a snobby show-off – Jessie Fung F2De
ELIZA – Her middle daughter. A pious, dithering pain – Kelli Wu F2Ja
PEGGY – foul mouthed and self-centered. Adorable. Sandra Nasayao F2Ja
DOVE - a large, peace-loving bird – Terrence Lau F2Ba
Directed by Eugenia Chan F6Ja and Tara Yates F5Ca
Designer: Kelly Lau F5Ca
SCENE: The Castle

LOYALTIES by Murphy Guyer
RUDY - a young military officer - Sean Porteous F4Ja
MONICA - Rudy’s wife - Chloe Tam F5Ca
KATRIN - Monica’s sister - Jenna De Guzman F4Ba
JACOB - Katrin’s boyfriend. - Cedric Wong F5Bo
Directed by David Wong F5Ba and Aisham Zaha F6Ju
Designer: Christie Li F5Ju
Production Assistant: Letitia Chan F6Ca
SCENE: Monica’s birthday dinner. The dining room of Rudy & Monica’s home


BUAKU Anonymous
(Adapted by DJ Hamilton from a translation by Shio Sakanishi)
YU POO POO, a Feudal Queen – Kezia Malcolm F4Ja
HERALD – Mahina Wong F2Ju
GUARDS – Vico Chong F2Ju, Ella Hung F1Ba, Emen Luk F3De
JEEVES - Audrey Hung F1Ba
CHEF – Isaac Malcolm F2Ja
SERVANTS - Donna Law F3Ju TARO, her house-boy - Hector Muir F2Ca
BUAKU, her servant, now in disgrace – Bincker Uiterwaal F2De
Directed by Isabella So F6De
Designer: Chelsea Ng F5Ju
Production Assistant: Mahina Wong F2Ju
SCENE: The Castle and surrounding kingdom of Queen Yu Poo Poo


Notes on the Plays & Playwrights

Arabian Nights premiered in 2000. If the name, Davis Ives rings a bell, perhaps it is because as we presented his short play, The Sure Thing last year. Ives is an acknowledged master of the short play. Perfect premiered in 1985. Mary Gallagher wrote it just after the re-election of Ronald Reagan. We have adapted and updated it to the Trump era.
Heart of the Dove, by award winning playwright Marcy Rodenborn, premiered in July 2017 at the 14/48 Festival (Seattle).
Loyalties, by the award-winning playwright Murphy Guyer, premiered 1984.
Buaku comes from the Japanese tradition of short comic plays called Kyogen. The first English translations of Kyogen plays appeared in 1907. Buaku, is thought to be from the 17th century. Like most Kyogen plays, the author of Buaku remains anonymous. This production is adapted from the 1930s translation by Shio Sakanishi.

Special Thanks

We are very grateful for the help and support of our colleagues here at CSS. We wish to give special thanks to Mr. Jon Barnes and Ms. Bryony Pollock for their supervision of costume & prop design; Mr. Stanley Chai & his Form 5 marketing team for all marketing and ticket sales.



Stage Manager: Debby Lau F5Ba
Light board Operator – Mr. Ken Kwong
Supervising Directors – Ms. Alexandra Campion and Mr. D.J. Hamilton