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Lunar New Year Lantern Carnival 2018

Our school Orchestra, Brass Ensemble and Clarinet Quintet were invited to perform at the Lantern Carnival organised by the Entertainment Office of the HK Leisure and Cultural Services Department on March 3, at TKO Velodrome Park. 

It was a very good opportunity for our students to show their talent and to gain more experience in performing in front of such a big crowd. There was a large variety of enjoyable performances, like Indian dance, cheerleading, rope skipping and Chinese Orchestra from the music office, which made it a very entertaining and lively event for everyone. 

I really enjoyed performing George Gershwin with the orchestra and Mozart Clarinet Quintet in A Major K581 with the clarinet quintet. Our school had very satisfying performances and when we finished playing, the big applause from the crowd made me feel very proud.

By Ka Ching Shelly Lee F4 Juniper !