News and Notable Events

CSS’s students & teacher exchanges with sister School in
Hangzhou a great success 

CSS successfully applied for the Education Bureau’s “Pilot Scheme on Promoting Interflows between Sister Schools in Hong Kong and Mainland” in 2017-18. The extra funding of HK$120,000 enables us to strengthen ties with our sister school Greentown Yuhua School in Hangzhou, China, allowing more students and teachers from both schools to benefit from the exchange programme. 

From 4th to 9th November 2017, 21 CSS students, 4 teachers and Principal Cheung visited our sister school in Hangzhou for 6 days. In addition to touring around the extensive facilities of Greentown Yuhua school campus, our students also participated in their annual International Cultural Festival. CSS students took the opportunity to stay with families of local students and visited historical and scenic sites in the beautiful city of Hangzhou.
In March this year, Principal Chen Jianguo and 3 teachers from Greentown Yuhua School visited CSS to learn about CSS’s school operation, its curriculum and teaching


approach. We organized meetings and professional exchanges with our key teachers. CSS students performed music and dragon dance for their enjoyment. They shared their experiences of F3 Creative Week and F4 World of Work with the guests.

From 29th April to 3rd May 2018, students and teachers from Hangzhou will come to Hong Kong for a 5-day exchange. 8 secondary students and a teacher from Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua School will visit CSS while 8 primary students and two teachers from Zhoushan Greentown Yuhua (International) School will visit CPS. CSS will organize time for the mainland teachers to observe lessons and will introduce the education system in Hong Kong to them. In exchange, families of CSS students will act as host families for the Hangzhou students. They will visit museums and tour around different sites in Hong Kong together with our students. 

On 30th April, CSS will host an exhibition and sharing session of the "Pilot Scheme on promoting interflow between sister schools in Hong Kong and Mainland". The two Hangzhou schools, as well as CSS students and teachers who participated in Hangzhou trip back in November, 2017 and CSS teachers, will join the event. On 2nd May 2018, 12-13 teachers and the principal of Emerald Greentown School will also visit CSS. CSS’s Vice-principal Wanita Mou said, “With the help of the funding, more families of CSS’s students are able to join the exchange programme as the financial burden on the family is considerably lower”. Students, teachers and parents’ feedback on the exchange activities from both schools had been extremely positive. CSS Head of Experiential Learning Cherry So said, “With direct experience of visiting China themselves, students can develop much deeper understanding and appreciation of their own historical, cultural and personal identities, as well as being able to personally experience schooling and everyday life in modern day China. As a result, they become a lot more open-minded and keen to understand more about Mainland China”. CSS will not only continue to hold exchange programmes with its sister schools in Hangzhou, but also with schools in European countries such as Scotland and Denmark, creating opportunities for students to learn outside the classrooms and ultimately fostering deeper understanding of their own cultural heritage as well as developing their global awareness.