Mr. Cheung Siu Ming
Vice Principal
 Mr. Richard Farmer
Vice Principal
 Mr. Poon Ping Kwan 
Director of Administration
 Ms. Kellie Fagan
Director of Student Progress and Achievement
 Mr. Cassy Yu Director of School Operations & Head of Technology Faculty
 Mr. Elvin Tao HKDSE Coordinator
 Ms. Maria Cristina Guevara  IB Diploma Coordinator
 Mr. Kenneth Graham  IB MYP Coordinator


Teaching Staff


 Mr. David Barnaby
Head of Physical Education Faculty
 Mr. Angus Bell-Scott Teacher of Individuals & Societies
 Dr. Samantha Bevan
Head of Biology
 Mr. Jay Blackford
S1 - S3 I&S Coordinator & Teacher of History
 Ms. Brooke Boldon
IBDP Extended Essay Coordinator & Teacher of English
 Mr. Robert Bounous
Teacher of Economics
 Mr. Edward Cabrelli Deputy Head of Middle School & Teacher of Liberal Studies and I&S
 Ms. Alexandra Campion CAS Coordinator & Teacher of Drama
 Mr. Stanley Chai Teacher of Liberal Studies and Business Studies
 Ms. Candice Chan
Head of Chinese Faculty
 Ms. Charlotte Chan Teacher of Music
 Ms. Irene Chan
OLE Coordinator & Teacher of Visual Arts
 Ms. Chan Tan Tan Head of Lower School & Teacher of Chinese
 Ms. Carol Chen Teacher of Chinese
 Mr. Jimmy Cheng
Teacher of Physical Education
 Ms. Amy Cheung
Teacher of English
 Ms. Kitty Cheung
Teacher of Biology and Science
 Mr. Kevin Chu Teacher of Mathematics
 Ms. Anna Chung Teacher of English
 Ms. Lauren Couillard Teacher of English
 Ms. Karen Coulson Teacher of Biology & Science
 Mr. Michael Courtney Teacher of Physics
 Mr. Roger Crosby Head of Economics
 Mr. Steven Finnigan Head of Arts Faculty
 Ms. Tonye Fubara Teacher of Business Studies
 Ms. Christina Hahm
Head of Music
 Mr. Alex Hall
Head of Individuals and Societies Faculty & TOK Coordinator
 Mr. Daniel Hamilton Teacher of Drama
 Ms. Kelly Hargreaves-Cox
Learning Support Coordinator & Teacher of Visual Arts
 Mr. Han Wei
Teacher of Chinese
 Mrs. Nancy Howard
Admission Manager &  Teacher of English
 Ms. Kaman Hung Head of Food Technology
 Mr. Mark Hunter Teacher of Design Technology
 Mr. Robin Ip Teacher of Mathematics and Music
 Ms. Callas Kwok
Guidance Counsellor
 Ms. Christine Lam
Teacher of Chinese
 Ms. Ivy Lau
Head of Liberal Studies
 Ms. Shirley Laver
Teacher of Mathematics
 Mr. Brendan Lee
Deputy Head of Upper School & Teacher of Visual Arts
 Mr. Stephen Lee
Teacher of Mathematics
 Ms. Jojo Lee
Teacher of English
 Ms. Lei Lei
Teacher of Chinese
 Ms. June Li
Teacher of Geography and I&S
 Ms. Mignon Li Teacher of Chinese
 Ms. Stella Li Teacher of Mathematics
 Ms. Kiara Liu Teacher of Liberal Studies and I&S
 Mr. Christopher Lo
Teacher of Chemistry and Science
 Ms. Ika Lo
Student Achievement Coordinator & Teacher of Physical Education
 Mr. Ricky Lok
CCA Coordinator & Teacher of ICT/Multimedia Design
 Ms. Dionne Lun Teacher of Physcis and Science
 Mr. Bernard Mariano
HKDSE English Coordinator
 Ms. Ruth Morris
Teacher of Technology
 Mr. Anson Ng Teacher of Mathematics
 Ms. Hayley Oughton IBDP English Coordinator
 Mr. Hugh Pizzi
Head of Science Faculty
 Ms. Bryony Pollock MY1 Class Teacher
 Ms. Julie Reakes Teacher of Mathematics
 Ms. Sophie Reeve Teacher of Design Technology
 Mr. Daniel Samuels Head of Physics
 Mr. Isaac Samwel Head of Geography
 Ms. Tamara Schuette Teacher of Mathematics & Online Spanish Course Coordinator
 Ms. Jessica Shuen Teacher of Chinese
 Ms. Cherry So
Head of Student Development & Teacher of Physical Education
 Ms. Hannah Standring
Head of English Faculty
 Mr. Paul Stanley Teacher of Physical Education
 Mr. Michael Steele
Inter-Disciplinary Learning & PP Coordinator & Teacher of English and I&S
 Ms. Coco Sze
Teacher of Chinese
 Ms. Idy Szeto
Careers & Life Planning Coordinator & Teacher of Chinese
 Ms. Lili Tang Teacher of Chinese
 Ms. Ann Tsang Head of Middle School & Teacher of Visual Arts
 Ms. Lanny Tsou
Deputy Head of Chinese Faculty & NCS Chinese Coordinator
 Mr. Ricky Tsui Head of Mathematics Faculty
 Mr. Alex Wan Teacher of Business Studies and Economics
 Ms. Catharina Warnken Teacher of Physical Education and English
 Mr. Cameron Wilson Deputy Head of Lower School & Teacher of English
 Mr. John Wilson Teacher of Design Technology
 Mr. Matthew Wisbey Teacher Librarian and Teacher of English
 Ms. Queenie Wong
Teacher of Mathematics
 Ms. Yeti Wong
Deputy Head of Mathematics Faculty
 Mr. Benny Wu
Teacher of Mathematics
 Mr. Roy Yau
Teacher of Chinese
 Ms. Maggie Yu
Teacher of Chemistry and Science
 Ms. Cindy Zou
Teacher of Chinese


Supporting Staff

 HR Team

 Ms. Carmen Poon School Secretary & HRM
 Mr. Luis Tsoy Assistant To HRM and Principal


School Office Team

 Ms. Grace Cheung Administrative Executive
 Ms. Francisca Chan Admission Officer
 Ms. Krista Ho Administrative Assistant (F.5 & F.6)
 Mr. Bosco Wong Administrative Assistant (F.1 & F.2)

Accounts Team

 Ms. Betty Cheung School Accountant
 Ms. Alice Mak Assistant Accountant
 Ms. Angel Chiang Accounts Assistant
 Ms. Janice Lau Accounts Assistant
 Mr. Marc Cheung Assistant Clerical Officer

Procurement Team

 Ms. Elia Chan Procurement Officer
 Ms. Yoki Wu Procurement Assistant

Student Guidance & Achievement Support Team

 Ms. Barbara Cooper Careers & Higher Education Coordinator
 Ms. Angel Yiu Administrative Assistant (Careers)
 Ms. Sarah Yip Administrative Assistant (Careers)
 Mr. Alex Mak Administrative Assistant (Careers)
 Ms. Callas Kwok Guidance Counsellor (Counselling Psychologist)
 Ms. Lok Yee Tsoi Guidance Counsellor (Registered Social Worker)
 Ms. Jennifer Chan Student Development Assistant
 Ms. Libby Yu Administrative Officer

Curriculum Support Team

 Ms. Belinda Chan Senior Secondary Curriculum Officer
 Ms. Susan Morrison Assistant Librarian
 Ms. Diana Tsang Assistant Librarian
 Mr. Matthew Ng PE and Sports Assistant
 Mr. Ian Surridge Design Technology Technician
 Mr. Kensou Ho Design Technology Technician
 Mr. Kpo Chan Audio Visual Technology Officer
 Mr. Chiu Fong Man Science Laboratory Technician
 Mr. Louis Lai Science Laboratory Technician
 Mr. Sky Ng Science Laboratory Technician
 Mr. Edmond Wong Science Laboratory Technician
 Ms. Li Tung Food Technology Assistant


Operations Team

 Ms. Jessie Lam Facilities Administrator
 Mr. Churchill Lee IT and Network Administrator
 Mr. Barry Chan Senior ICT Support Officer
 Mr. Hugo Ng Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
 Ms. Janet Ng School Operations Officer
 Ms. Ivy Yiu Graphic & Communications Officer
 Mr. Wilson Li Operations Assistant


Operations Support

 Mr. Andrew Sham ICT Support Officer
 Mr. Tam Man Fung ICT Support Officer
 Mr. Au Yang Wing Yiu Repair and Maintenance Assistant
 Mr. John Lee  Repair and Maintenance Assistant
 Mr. Shum Kwok Wai Repair and Maintenance Assistant
 Ms. Lam Wai Chun Head of Janitors
 Ms. Chan Yee Lin Janitor
 Ms. Chiu Ngan Lan Janitor
 Ms. Hui Lai Suet Janitor
 Ms. Lau Mei Hing Janitor
 Ms. Wong Yuet Lai Janitor
 Mr. Lo Wing Ho Janitor
 Mr. Ong Kim En Janitor
 Mr. Mo Kim Chung Janitor
 Mr. Szeto Chi Keung Janitor
 Ms. Tseung Suet Mui Janitor
 Mr. Wong Yiu Wing Janitor