Principal's Welcome 校長的話

Dear Visitor,


As school principal I am very pleased to welcome you to our recent website re-launch.


You must be wondering why we have done this when we are all worried about how the Covid-19 virus is affecting the well-being, health and safety of our families and friends both here in Hong Kong and abroad.


CSS is much more than just a place for studying and preparing for examinations. We are a community where the caring human relationships and daily interactions between students, and between students and staff, nourishes everyone’s academic, social and emotional development.


This period of school closure is a challenge to us all, as our students miss the company of friends and teachers. Yet it is also a time for reflection and for taking stock of our priorities, so that we can grow strong and prepare for the resumption of school.  This is therefore a good time to revamp our website so that it can better serve our present and future learners at CSS.


Talking about the future, I would like to introduce you to Dr Anthony Adames, who will succeed me as CSS Principal after my retirement this summer. Dr Adames has been teaching and in leadership positions in Hong Kong since 18 years ago. He is an experienced senior educator and a very talented linguist. He is a highly qualified, effective and exceptionally compassionate school leader. I am very happy to be passing on the stewardship of CSS to him. You can read more about his background and his aspiration as an educator and as CSS Principal separately on this website.


Over the coming months, I will be working closely with Dr Adames to ensure a smooth and successful handover. After August I shall continue to support the school and be available to help the Board of Directors to further develop CSS in line with its core values and its long established vision.


Prospective parents and existing parents, you can continue to trust us to educate your children with total confidence!



Cheung Siu Ming

CSS Principal

May 2020



本人為啓思中學的校長,歡迎 閣下瀏覽學校最近重整的網頁。








談到未來,本人謹在此為大家介紹 Dr. Anthony Adames博士給大家認識。本人在今年暑期退休後, Dr Adames將會接任成為啓思中學的校長。Dr Adames在香港任職教師及學校領導層已有18年之久,是一位經驗豐富的資深教育家和具有天賦的語言學家。他是個擁有合適資歷、辦事有效率、並且充滿愛心的學校領袖。本人很高興能將領導啓思中學的重任交予他。如   閣下想了解更多有關Dr Adames的個人背景,以及他作為教育學者和成為啓思中學校長後的的志向和抱負,請瀏覧在此網址的首版網頁。


在未來的幾個月,我將會與Dr Adames緊密合作,以確保學校有順暢和成功的交接。在八月份之後,本人仍然會繼續支援學校,幫助校董會一起繼續發展啓思中學,致力貫徹和實踐學校的核心價值和已訂定的教育願景。


不論 貴子弟現已入讀本校,或打算未來入讀本校,請 閣下可以完全放心,相信我們有能力為學生提供最佳的教育服務!






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