School Motto, Emblem & Values 啓思中學校訓、校徽及價值觀

"Through this place we thrive, we serve and find our place in the world."
(School Motto)


We recognize that all students are uniquely talented. Within our exceptionally supportive community, students develop positive relationships and relish the opportunity to realize their individual potential to the full. Learning at CSS is highly student-centred, engaging and inquiry based. Through a broad range of experiences in and beyond school, students become confident, optimistic, compassionate and internationally-minded young adults, ready to find their place in the world.

The emblem for Creative Secondary School has the three letters "CSS" arranged to represent a tree. This is a clear progression from the emblem for Creative Primary School and its Kindergarten, which is a young green shoot.

Both emblems express our mission to help students grow eventually into healthy, balanced, active and compassionate citizens of the world. In many cultures, a tree also represents knowledge. Our houses are also named after trees commonly found in Hong Kong.

CSS Values

  • Each student is uniquely talented and should be empowered to develop his/her potential to the full. 

  • A caring, respectful, trusting and positive school culture provides students with the confidence to learn, to meet new challenges and develop self-respect and respect for others.

  • Students should have the opportunities and choices in pursuing their passions and aspirations in school, in the Hong Kong community and globally.

  • High expectation will motivate students to develop their personal qualities and their confidence to overcome challenges and make progress in and beyond school.








  • 每個學生均有其獨特的天賦,應該賦予機會,讓他們盡展潛能。

  • 在關愛、尊重、信任和正面的校園氛圍中,讓學生有信心去學習、迎接新的挑戰,以及發展自重和尊重他人。

  • 學生應該有機會和選擇,在學校、香港及世界追尋他們所熱愛和理想的志向。

  • 高度的期望會使學生有動力去發展他們的個人特質和自信,克服在學校及其他地方的挑戰,並且不斷進步。

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