Individuals & Societies  Faculty

Mr Edward Cabrelli, Head of Individuals and Societies Faculty

Mr Robert Bounous, Teacher of Economics

Mr Stanley Chai, EE Coordinator and Individuals and Societies MYP Coordinator

Ms Lisa Darby, Teacher of History

Ms Hannah Dobson, Teacher of Geography and Creative Week Coordinator

Ms Tonye Fubara, Head of Business Studies

Ms Suzanne Jennings, Head of History

Ms Ginger Kwok, Teacher of Liberal Studies

Ms Lisa Lee, Teacher of Liberal Studies

Ms Janice Lee, IB MYP Coordinator
Ms Kiara Liu, 
Head of Liberal Studies & Junior Chinese History Coordinator

Mr Isaac Samwel, Head of Geography

Ms Imogen Stevenson, MY1 Class Teacher

Mr Alex Wan, Teacher of Business Studies and Economics

Ms Raina Zhaparova, Teacher of Eco & MYP I&S and Assistant MYP Coordinator

3 Pung Loi Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

2701 3277


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