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Ocean3c X CSS - Protect the Oceans | Together We Achieve More

Ocean 3C is a non-profit organisation for the Hong Kong community that aims to inform the public about ocean affairs and preach sustainability. Ocean3C-Education provides a platform for secondary school students to work with experts and mentors (local and international) to develop their ocean literacy and deepen their understanding of the importance of the ocean and become game changers in the field of marine sustainability.

Ocean 3C at Creative Secondary School is offered as a co-curricular activity and aimed at creating awareness of the ocean’s influence on us as well as our own influence on the ocean and allowing members of the school community to be Ocean literate and make informed and responsible decisions regarding the Ocean and its resources. By participating in Ocean 3C, we as a group, aim to demonstrate and recognize the benefits of collaboration, engage in issues of global significance and be consider the ethical implications of our choices and actions.

Despite the numerous disruptions in the past academic year we were able to conduct a number of activities within the school community. We also had the privilege to interview our mentor Dr. Margaret Burnette, the Programme Director of Sustainability Leadership and Governance at the University of Hong Kong. Ocean 3C members (Ashly Escariom, Oona Ng, Chiara De'eb, Kiren Bibi, Lance Barcelona and Mackenzie Girvan) were awarded certificates of participation at the end of the academic year to recognise their contribution to the programme.

We look forward to another great year and hope we are able to create more awareness in our school community.


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