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Help the Elderly Can'paign

Boxes and boxes of edible goodies have been donated to the elderly in Tseung Kwan O district thanks to all of our food angels - CSS students, families plus members of staff. Our students and teachers took the initiative to organise this meaningful yet heartwarming campaign. Such service helps our students to understand, serve, and give back to our local community regarding the needs of low-income elderly and those living in poverty in Hong Kong. This is a collaborative task in which students helped to design posters, draft emails, and invite other CSS students to participate in the collection of food for the needy and vulnerable.

From bags of rice to canned soups, noodles to biscuits, the CSS community went all out to support the campaign, resulting in dozens of boxes being filled with festive goodies. Besides food donations, our students have prepared e-cards sending to the elderly, as well in lieu of visits which need to be avoided during the pandemic.

To all our participants: Your help means a lot! Thank you for the brilliant work!


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