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Hispanic (Spanish) Cultural Festival at CSS

You may not know that Spanish culture is alive, thriving, and cooking at CSS. In fact, Ms. Maria Mejia has just cooked the tasty traditional dish paella with her Form 5 Spanish Ab Initio class. You also may not know that cultura española is happening across Hong Kong and they hold an annual festival that I was lucky enough to attend.

Hosted by Nord Anglia School, this year’s event was held on Saturday 4 March 2023 from 9:30 to 1:30. The program included performances by students from CSS as well as 126 students from schools across Hong Kong attended by 139 parents and teachers. Our students had a significant role in several performances: singing, playing the guitar, reciting poetry, and the Form 5 cass performed a rousing and hilarious theatrical version of a famous Spanish song about bugs. Can you guess this one? The highly professional poster design for the event is noteworthy because it was designed by our own Natalie (F5Bo). “The students enjoyed the activities,” said Ms. Maria, “and had the opportunity to learn about Spanish Culture.”

From the point of view of one of our performers, “I really liked the vibrant atmosphere, seeing students from all ages performing and having fun on stage while exploring the Hispanic culture.”

Another student expressed exactly what I experienced remarking that “everybody at the festival was quite welcoming and interesting to talk to. Lots of the acts were comedic and very heartfelt.” Kimiko (Form 5) summarized one of the goals of the event by telling me that “with each new friend I made, I got a glimpse of the world from a different perspective.”

Ms. Maria was also impressed by the commitment shown by the students which included student volunteers from her Form 1 and Form 2 Spanish classes. The students were wonderful ambassadors for CSS and put our Spanish program on the Hong Kong cultura española map. Leaving the best news till last, next year the Hispanic Cultural Festival will be held here at CSS. Watch for details early in the new school year.


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