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Our Schools Receive Top Honors from Hong Kong Chief Happiness Officer Association

Our school recently had the privilege of hosting two VIP visitors - Ms. Mary Suen and Professor Randy Chiu from The Chief Happiness Officer Association. It was an honour to showcase our schools' (CPSKG, CPS, CSS) unique programmes, facilities, and achievements that make our schools stand out.

We hope that our guests found the tour informative and enjoyable, and that it provided them with a better understanding of our educational philosophy and values. At our schools, we strive to foster a supportive learning environment that promotes well-being and happiness for our students, staff, and community.

We are proud to announce that three of our schools have been awarded the Happy Schools Award by The Chief Happiness Officer Association. This recognition speaks to our dedication to creating a #positive and #supportive learning environment that promotes #happiness and #well-being. Additionally, our secondary school, CSS, has received an extra Mission Achievement Award, highlighting our efforts in achieving our educational goals and objectives.

We are grateful for this recognition and support from The Chief Happiness Officer Association and we are proud to be part of the educational community that values happiness and well-being as much as academic achievement.


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