House System 學社制度

The core purpose of CSS’s Vertical House System is to enhance the school’s pastoral care and students' academic and personal development.


The six houses are named after 6 flowering trees commonly found in Hong Kong, each with a distinctive flower colour. The trees were chosen by our first cohort of students through a competition.

Students and teaching staff are assigned to one of our houses when they join the school.  Each house, consisting of students from Form 1 to Form 6, has the characteristics of a large family unit, where students will develop close friendships and have the opportunity to practise leadership and service skills.


In each house group, students' academic advancement, personal growth and well-being will be overseen by their House Tutor. The House Tutor is a parental figure in students' life at school and supports them throughout their eventful, fast-paced growth as teenagers. The Tutor is also the key link between the school and the parents, with in-depth and all-rounded understanding of each student in his/her tutor group.


Student Leadership plays an important role in our school and each house has its own House Committees, consisting of the House Captain, Vice Captains, Secretaries and Representatives. House Leaders mentor and provide support for junior students particularly during house events and competitions. 


The work of house tutors in guiding students is supported by the Heads and Deputy Heads of three school sections, who are led by the Director of Student Development and Well-being.


Lower School  - S1 and S2

Middle School - S3 and S4

Upper School  - S5 and S6


In addition to house tutors and the Heads of School, students have easy access to a school-based government social worker, and two experienced and well-qualified CSS counsellors.

Structure of House Committee:

學校「直貫式的學社制度」(Vertical House System) 的核心目的,是為加強對學生的個別關顧,提升他們的學業及個人的發展。



在學社的群體內 ,每名學生的學業發展和個人成長都是由社導師負責關顧的。學社導師擔起學生在學校生活中的家長角色,在學生豐盛而快速發展的青少年時期提供支援。社導師也是學校和家長之間的重要溝通橋樑,他們對學社小組內的每個學生均有深入而全面的了解。




學社導師負責輔導學生的工作,得到由學生發展和福祉總監領導下的三個「學部主任」(Head of Schools) 和副主任所支援。


低年級學部 (Lower School)  - 中一至中二

中年級學部 (Middle School) - 中三至中四

高年級學部 (Upper School)  - 中五至中六




學社委員會架構 : 

3 Pung Loi Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

2701 3277


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