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Scholarship Schemes

Students with outstanding performance in different areas are invited to apply for scholarship(s) in the form of fee reduction as well as subsidies for study enhancement.  The application deadline is 30/04/2024. CSS offers the following types of scholarships:

A) General Scholarship – for students entering F1, F2, F3 and F4 in the next academic year


B) HKDSE Scholarship – for students entering F5 and F6 following the HKDSE Programme


C) IBDP Scholarship – for students entering F5 and F6 following the IB Diploma Programme

D) Special Scholarship – for students of all years with special talent in one of these specific areas – sport, music, Art, Drama, Dance, Leadership & Service, STEM. 

Students may apply for a Special Scholarship together with any of the other 3 scholarships.

Once granted the scholarship, a scholar needs to sign the Student leaders/scholarship agreement.

Please note that all scholarship and fee remission applications are to be processed and considered holistically by a Panel, the membership of which are nominated by the School Management Board. Decisions made by this Panel are final.

Basic Requirements on Values and Attitudes

At CSS, we aim high for our scholars. A scholar is expected to excel in their academic performance and consistently demonstrate the following six criteria:

  1. Polite, well-mannered and respectful

  2. Organised, committed and punctual

  3. Well-presented in correct uniform and appearance

  4. Able to liaise and converse with staff, students, and the wider community

  5. Able to act responsibly and to be a role model for other students and peers

  6. Able to maintain expected standards of work and behaviour in class and school activities 

A student who exhibits these qualities can apply for a scholarship. Should a student fail to display these criteria, their application may be declined. If a scholar is found to violate most of the above, their granted scholarship can be revoked.

Application Procedure

2. Download and complete the Scholarship Application Cover Sheet.

3. Download and complete the application form for the scholarship(s) applied for.

4. Send the completed cover sheet, application forms, 2 most recent school reports and supporting documents (e.g. certificates, awards, portfolio) by email to AND by hardcopy to the General Office before the application deadline

General Scholarship

HKDSE Scholarship 

(entering Form 5 – Form 6)

IBDP Scholarship

(entering Form 5 – Form 6)

Special Scholarship

(entering all Forms)

(Please click to open "Notes on Scholarship Scheme")

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