CLACH (Chinese Language & Literature, Arts, Culture & History)


The Education Bureau has taken a number of steps in recent years to ask schools to deliver learning opportunities for students related to Chinese Language, Arts, Culture and History, including:


  1. Providing funding to HK schools to provide Moral, Civil and National Education for students (one-off funding almost exhausted)

  2. Promoting “sister school” programmes to encourage HK schools to establish partnership with schools in mainland China (yearly recurrent funding)

  3. Directing schools to teach a mandatory junior secondary Chinese History course to F1-F3 students (started already in 2019-20 school year in F1)

  4. Promoting the teaching of Chinese language through the medium of Putonghua (ongoing since the beginning of CSS in 2006)


We could expect more directives and funding to schools in the future. In order to respond to these as positive opportunities for the school’s development, and to take proactive steps to consolidate the school’s core values, CSS has taken the initiative in 2018-19 to develop a programme to promote Chinese Language & Literature, Arts, Culture and History (CLACH). The year of 2019-20 is the start of a structured three-year implementation plan to provide learning opportunities for CSS students.


Strategic Approach


The range of learning activities that we should plan for will be multi-faceted, to take place through the formal timetabled curriculum as well as beyond, but they should have these common elements:


  • Knowing (認知) - gaining knowledge of the breadth and depth of the historical, and geographical context of Chinese cultural heritage

  • Experiencing (體驗) - gaining exposures through related activities, events, visits to sites, museums and exhibitions and study trips, student exchanges, and community services etc

  • Enthusing (激勵) - engaging our students through personal interests and pride, the rich historical and cultural heritage of China and of this region they live in, but also Hong Kong and China’s modernisation and engagement with the international community

Programmes and Activities


CLACH is intended to be embedded over the next three years through the school’s curriculum - themes within specific MYP unit plans in different MYP subjects, as well as inter-disciplinary learning experiences wherever appropriate. Likewise in the senior secondary years, CLACH is an inter-disciplinary dimension to be introduced into both the HKDSE and IBDP programmes at appropriate points e.g. Liberal Studies, TOK, Chinese, Arts or I&S-related courses of study, as well as CASOLE. CLACH is also an initiative to enrich the school’s Experiential Learning programme.


In the previous years, the school has already conducted a number of CLACH-related projects and activities, including:


  1. Visits to places or events of Chinese cultural interest in Hong Kong itself – art galleries, performances, museums, special exhibitions, workshops, seminars etc. 

  2. Annual celebrations of key festivals and events – Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year Festival & Dragon Dance, Chinese performing arts items in Arts Show etc. 

  3. CCA activities – Cantonese opera, Chinese Speech School Festival, debating, Battle of the Books Chinese, Chinese music, Chinese ink painting, martial arts, taiji etc. (some CCAs welcome staff to join)

  4. Cultural excursions to China/Sister Schools Exchange Programme – Hangzhou International Cultural Festival Trip, other study trips to China etc.

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