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Student Development & Well-being Team

The Student Development and Well-being Team is led by the Director of Student Development & Well-being. The Team supports House Tutors to work with students in houses as well as students’ development and well-being in and beyond the classroom. The House tutors are charged with the responsibility of holistically overseeing the academic progress, personal development and well-being of their students.


The essence of the school ethos is to create an inviting environment of mutual trust and respect that provides age-appropriate support and guidance for students. We offer students many opportunities to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills. These opportunities include the CSS Student Union, Student Leaders, Student Ambassadors and House Captains who are responsible for organizing community and school volunteer services and addressing issues of student concern.


In addition, the team is responsible for the successful promotion of the CSS Learner Attributes and provide opportunities for students to be engaged in different activities, programmes and events so that students continue to learn and develop to be responsible global citizens.

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