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Principal Message

For those interested in learning more about Creative Secondary School, I am thrilled to introduce you to our wonderfully unique educational experience.


Creative is a school nestled between Lohas Park, Hang Hau and Tseung Kwan O.  Our spacious, uplifting, and airy campus not only offers a wide range of functional specialism rooms, but is currently home to approximately 650 young learners and over 100 educators (our more experienced learners) and facilitators from across the world. Each individual brings their unique backgrounds and perspectives, enriching our vibrant community.

While most of our learning uses the lens of the International Baccalaureate and an internationalised approach, as you sift through our website you will be able to find the many linkages we have with the best of Chinese Culture as well as the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education. There are diverse activities and opportunities abound throughout our days. Without a doubt, our name certainly sums up the kind of school that this is for our learners who shine on so many platforms and stages.


As people join the school, they are rapidly brought up to speed and transition expeditiously to travel their paths to transform into their future best selves. This is achieved with the foundation of Invitational Educational and complemented with Positive Education. This results in a community that intentionally invests in developing respect, trust and caring as well as optimistic agency for the future.  All this synergises through our belief that each learner is able to work towards their untapped potential, building on capacities and capabilities through processes leading to the development of their skills, self-regulation and positive daily habits.


Driven by our school motto, "Through this place, we thrive, we serve, and we find our place in the world", our school is a place where everyone gets the chance to elevate themselves as well as those around them.  It is truly a school for each person to find their individual or collective passions in their learning journeys and our learners go on to study, create and contribute across the globe and find ways to shine wherever they go. 


I encourage you to spend more time investigating our educational approach and hope that you can see yourself as part of our Creative Secondary School family in the coming years. 


Mr. Stephen Hindes

School Principal


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