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Fee Remission Scheme
Fee Remission Level ​

The amount of fee remission granted to a needy student is expressed in the form of a percentage of reduction of the school tuitionfee. Table 1 below indicates the maximum percentages of fee remission that can be granted to a student and is for reference only.   The Fee Remission & Scholarship Committee (FRSC) of the School will vet all applications and consider the amount of fee remission to be granted. When considering fee remission, the FRSC will take into account the specific circumstances of each family, including the household size, the total annual disposable income and assets of the family. Only the committee can vet and award fee remission and no individual, including the Principal is authorized to do so unilaterally.

Annual Family Disposable Income $HKD

Parents are encouraged to seek assistance from the SFO (Student Financial Office) to ensure that they receive support that is at least as favorable as government assistance. In cases where the percentage of assistance provided by the SFO surpasses the school's fee remission percentage, the school will make adjustments to align with the SFO percentage which is more beneficial for applicants.

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