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HK Junior Secondary Curriculum delivered through the IB MYP framework

The IB Middle Year Programme (IB MYP) at CSS is offered to students from Form 1 to 3. Our MYP has been authorised by the IB to deliver the MYP since 2009 and our current version of MYP operates over three years.


At CSS, our MYP provides a world-class pedagogical framework for delivering the Hong Kong junior secondary curriculum. Students benefit from the broad and effective pedagogical approach and because they are studying the Hong Kong Junior Secondary curriculum at the same time, they are able to build a firm foundation for their future studying of the HKDSE course from S4 to S6 or for those who would be studying the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) in S5 and S6.


All CSS students studying the MYP from Form 1 will experience a three year inter-disciplinary learning experience based on inquiry and service as action. The Approaches to Learning (ATL) devised by the MYP promotes student’s generic learning skills in 5 categories – communication, social interaction, self-management, research and thinking skills. Students develop conceptual understanding of 8 inter-related subject areas through 6 global contexts. The programme culminates in Form 3 with the Community Project.


What is special about our MYP programme is that we cater equally well for students whose first language is Chinese or English, who can study Language and Literature through their first language. They also gain proficiency in their second language through an appropriately phased Language Acquisition course.


Bilingually fluent students benefit from studying Language and Literature courses in both English and Chinese. Students who need intensive English tuition to gain good access to the curriculum are supported by our Centre for Academic Language Proficiency (CALP).


For further information please refer to our F1 – F3 Junior Curriculum Brochure, the IB Middle Years Programme webpage as well as the HKSAR Education Bureau’s webpages on the Hong Kong curriculum; especially of the section of the 8 key learning areas of Hong Kong junior secondary curriculum, which matches the 8 subject groups of the MYP.

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