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CSS Learner Attributes
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The educational and learning community of CSS is comprised of CSS students, their parents, teachers and supporting staff.


As an IB World School we are committed to the attributes that are valued by IB community across the globe. We developed the CSS Attributes through blending the IB Learner Profile with core values of our school, which includes our affiliation to Invitational Education and our community’s cultural roots.


Our aspiration is that everyone in our community – students, staff and parents - develop greater international mindedness and act as positive members of local, national and global communities so as to contribute to a better and more peaceful world.


Risk-takers, Optimistic and Motivated

We strive to be optimistic contributors who are internally motivated to overcome obstacles and accomplish positive goals. Our education is characterised by purpose and direction, and never neutral.

Resilient, Reflective and Balanced

We strive to recover quickly from difficulties, learning from these experiences. We strive to reflect on our learning, personal growth and experiences to build our understanding of ourselves, our community and the world. Through our open attitude, we seek to find balance in our lives.


Knowledgeable and Skilled

We strive to gain understanding through familiarity with factual information and theoretical concepts. We apply this knowledge and understanding to develop skills across the curriculum.

Inquirers, Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers

We strive to discover our world through enthusiastically conceptualizing, applying, analysing, synthesizing and evaluating information as a guide to belief and action.

Enthusiastic Creators and Contributors

We strive to fulfill our potential in all areas of human endeavour. We innovatively and actively seek ways to share our proficiencies with others.


Caring, Friendly, Respectful and Responsible

We strive to be caring, friendly and respectful, and we develop a shared understanding of what is expected of us and know that we are accountable for our actions.


Open-minded, Communicators and Collaborators

We strive to exchange our ideas, viewpoints and knowledge. We work collectively in our classrooms and beyond to grow intellectually, skillfully and personally.

Principled, Honest and Ethical Global Citizens

We strive to participate responsibly in our world, with integrity and honesty as a member of humanity. We encourage active involvement, whereby we are thinking, feeling and doing.

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