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Alumni Association (CSSAA)

The aim of our association is to allow former CSS students to stay in touch with CSS, and encourage our fellow graduates to develop a strong sense of belonging. Following the setup of CSSAA, we organise a wide range of events for our alumni to build stronger connections and network with the CSS community. We will also be delivering members with the newest updates on CSS and CSSAA.


CSSAA was established as a formal organization in November 2017. Looking back, our school has nurtured many graduates, who continued their studies in many different parts of the world, including Hong Kong, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, etc.


It is our responsibility to encourage our alumni to support each other and contribute back to CSS. Stay in touch with us and let us continue to mark down all our fond memories of CSS together.

CSSAA Preparatory Committee Members:

Consultant : Ms Wanita Mou

Teacher Liaison: Mr Cassy Yu

Administrative Support: Ms Janet Ng

Chairperson: Ms Teresa Choi (2012 Graduate)

Vice Chairperson: Mr Tommy Cheung (2013 Graduate)

Vice Chairperson: Mr Horatius Choy (2012 Graduate)

Secretary: Ms Leonie Chan (2014 Graduate)

Treasurer: Ms Cecilia Kwok (2013 Graduate)

Communication Officer: Ms Ivy Chan (2012 Graduate)

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