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The library was established in 2007. It is located on the sixth floor in Block C, and is designed and constantly developing to meet users' information needs and to cultivate the love of reading. 

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops to make use of the abundant WIFI bandwidth. The library has a computer available for students use, and for library catalogue and web searching. It is installed with basic word processing applications, and is connected to the internet and printers/scanners. Students are welcome to use the printer/photocopier/scanner if they possess a printing card. To obtain a printing card, students should contact the School Office in person.



8.00am – 5.00pm

Open all lunch periods and break times.

Closed on school holidays.

Special arrangements for extended research times can be made with the librarian.



Each student may borrow a maximum of 5 items, including e-book readers.

Loan period is 2 calendar weeks, school holidays are exempted.

Laptop computers with chargers are available for the same-day loan.

Materials may be renewed if the item is not reserved by another student.



There are no charges for overdue books.



If a library item is lost, the replacement cost will be charged to the person who borrowed it.


Students are respected as mature people and as such are expected to take responsibility for all materials taken from the library.

Students should take note of the due dates and return items before a holiday and/or planned absence from school.



The Creative Secondary School Library belongs to all students, teachers, and staff. Please respect these rules in order to make the library a pleasant place for everyone to visit.

•      No food or drinks in the library.

•      No phones or games.

•      Be courteous and considerate of others - talk quietly and behave in a safe manner.

•      Take care of shared materials and spaces.

•      Return materials on time.

•      Clean and organize tables and chairs.

•      Conserve paper and place used paper in recycling bins.

•      When on computers, observe the Acceptable Use Agreement.

If you have trouble following the rules and expected behaviors, your teacher or librarian will remind you of them. However, if you still have trouble following library rules, you will be asked to leave.


Reading Programmes


We have three reading programmes in places for the MYP students. Students at different reading levels are assigned to one of these programmes. 



CSS has two teams, from F1-F3 who will compete in this year’s Battle of the Books competition. They will read from a range of up to 20 books, up until next May, when they will compete with other schools, answering questions on the books they’ve read.


The purpose of the Hong Kong Battle of the Books programme is to encourage reading by all students. Students, regardless of ability, are exposed to quality literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints by prominent authors in the area of young adult literature. The game format creates interest and excitement and offers a rewarding climax to the year of reading. Through the fun and excitement of the competition, students improve reading skills, mature in their choices of reading materials, and acquire a broader knowledge base.


However, the goal is to READ, not to win! Everyone who participates is a winner!


To find out more, go to the Battle of the Books website 



As part of their CAS (Community and Service) or OLE (Other Learning Experiences,) Form 5 students  are involved in the “Reading Buddy”programme”, which takes place in the library during Reading Period. It is designed to support  F 1-3 students whose reading (either in English or Chinese) may benefit from one-to-one support from an older student.

The F5 student volunteers first undergo training where they learn techniques to help younger students to improve their reading comprehension, and at the same time, to increase their vocabulary.

Both “tutors” and “tutees” benefit from the programme. 

The older students learn new skills, such as how to motivate and encourage younger students, and how to be a good role model. 
The younger students enjoy having interaction with an older student, who is genuinely there to help them, enabling them to have enough confidence to attempt something which is difficult.



At CSS the daily R4P program (on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Friday) provides students with a structured quiet reading time.  Students in years 1-4 participate.  They may read printed books (not textbooks) on any day and on Friday any other printed material.  This gives students time to read what they want to read.  It builds skills and encourages the love of reading and words.  As teachers model reading this builds a shared understanding that reading is a valuable and important activity.  In particular, this is all about sustained reading for at least 15 minutes rather than the internet style quick hunt. pick and flick.  Sustained reading, interpretation, and assimilation of information is an academic skill that is required later in schooling; this activity builds towards that important technique.

Drop Everything and Read
Do it slowly or do it at speed
Books are great, they make you clever
Reading is the best thing ever
Drop Everything and Read
Fiction, non-fiction, magazines
It’s never too late to start
Reading makes you really smart
Drop Everything and Read
Do it for pleasure or do it for need
Books are full of marvelous stuff
You can never get enough
Drop Everything and Read
If you want to be smart, reading’s the seed
D E A and R
That way you’ll be a star!

~ by Stuart Crouch 

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