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Top New Year Resolution for Students at Creative Secondary School in 2024

Welcome back to another exciting term! January brings the opportunity for a fresh start.

The CSS campus is once again filled with energy and joy now that our students and staff have returned from a well-deserved break.

To kick things off, the traditional flag raising ceremony was hosted by the students flag raising team. Our Student Union emcees from Form 5 Judy Liu and Allan Nylander extended warm wishes for a joyful new year to all. Everyone spread positivity through a high-five game before sharing holiday experiences and initial resolutions.

To mark the beginning of this new year, a special morning assembly was held, symbolizing the continuity of our commitment to striving for our best. We witnessed the torch being passed from our former Acting Principal, Ms. Lancy Tam, to our new Principal, Mr. Stephen Hindes. This transition represents a seamless continuation of our unwavering dedication to providing the best for our students. 

While passing on the principal role, Ms. Tam, who has served admirably as our Acting Principal since January 2023, will continue her contributions to CSS as the school's Senior Consultant – School Development and Quality Assurance. In this role, Ms. Tam will provide ongoing guidance, support students' learning journeys, and work to ensure the highest standards across our academic and extracurricular programmes. We are extremely grateful for Ms. Tam's exemplary leadership over the past year, which has helped CSS achieve strong results.

Mr. Hindes was born and educated in Hong Kong, attaining his Executive Master of Arts in International Educational Leadership & Change (IB Leadership) at The Education University of Hong Kong. Mr. Hindes brings over 20 years of experience, having served as Assistant Principal at the Hong Kong University Graduates Association College since 2017.

During the assembly, Mr. Hindes delivered a heartfelt message, extending his New Year wishes to all students and staff. He emphasized focusing efforts on continuously moving forward, no matter what obstacles or challenges we face.

The assembly concluded with inspiring messages from the student representatives of each House. They shared their resolutions for the new year, which encompassed a variety of goals:

  • Achieve a harmonious work-life balance.

  • Cultivate a habit of critical thinking.

  • Explore different aspects of the world and broaden knowledge.

  • Foster a more positive mindset.

  • Uphold and enhance the spirit of our house.

  • Practice gratitude for the blessings in life.

  • Commit to working harder and pushing personal boundaries.

  • Stay positive and resilient, never giving up in the face of challenges.

  • Focus on personal growth and well-being.

  • Appreciate and cherish both the big and small moments in life.

  • Break down barriers and create a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

  • Allocate more time for reflection and effective time management.

  • Wish for peace and success in all endeavors.

  • Embrace fearlessness and learn from mistakes.

We hope that you all stay healthy and continue to make progress towards achieving your aspirations. Let’s #StriveForOurBest in 2024!


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