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A Magical Journey to West Africa Through Rhythm and Drumming

The African Drumming Workshop held at the Creative Secondary School Arts Hub on 22 September 2023 was a resounding success. Led by Mr. Makha Diop, a renowned director of the African Drumming and Dance Connection Company (ADADC) and a native of Senegal, West Africa, the session was a truly authentic experience.

Mr. Diop brought his profound passion and expertise. Students and teachers alike eagerly participated in the drumming session. Mesmerized by the rhythmic beats and lively ambiance, everyone was able to immerse themselves in the rich sounds and techniques of African drumming.

Both educational and entertaining, the workshop left a lasting impact. Under Makha's skilled guidance, students had lots of fun and experienced an unforgettable and enriching exploration of this vibrant musical tradition. We are grateful to have Mr. Makha Diop for sharing his drumming mastery in such an inspiring workshop.


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