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Aerosim Visit 21 Aug 2022

On a very hot and bright Sunday afternoon Mr. Lewis and two of his aviation students, Hyson Ng and Keshav Daryanani, traveled up to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park to spend an afternoon on the Aerosim flight simulators.

This event was the culmination of the Aerosim Inter-School Aviation Tournament. Our team took part in STEM-based presentations, aviation written tests, a Career Takeoff Workshop, and a subscription to Jeppesen’s Part 61, which is a Private Pilot License ground theory subscription provided by Jeppesen, a Boeing Company.

Hyson and Keshav were taken through the controls of the Aero Cadet Flight Simulator. This is a 1:1 replica of a training aircraft panel design complete with an avionics system, GFC 700 Autopilot/flight director, and G1000 glass cockpit system. The equipment is capable of simulating equipment failure and emergency procedures and of conducting an instrument approach and BIF training.

After the initial briefing, Hyson and Keshave were able to take to the air attempting simulated scenarios based on takeoff and landing at Hong Kong International Airport. As confidence grew they were able to change weather conditions and try out new locations. Mr. Lewis even got to fly an F22 Raptor although he did crash it into the Tsing Ma Bridge.

It was an excellent experience for the students and a valuable taster of the world of aviation. It was a great insight into the complexity of even simple aircraft and gives an appreciation for the pilots who fly commercially.

I would recommend this competition to any students in Creative Secondary School who have career aspirations in aviation. If you are interested in joining next year's competition, then please keep an eye on your emails for more information.


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