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Book Character Day at CSS

Get ready to be transported into a world of magic, adventure, and imagination! The School Library Team kicked off World Book Day with a bang with a series of exciting events that are sure to get students excited about reading.

The highlight of the celebration was Book Character Day, which took place on 31 March, and it was a massive hit! Students and staff members alike were invited to come to school dressed up as their favourite book characters. The creativity was off the charts!

From the iconic Harry Potter and his loyal friends, we saw all our favourite characters come to life. And who could forget about the wickedly cool Maleficent or the ever-tardy White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland?

As students paraded around the school dressed as their favourite literary heroes, the energy was electric. It was hard to tell where the books ended and reality began! During recess, a lively parade was held, allowing students to mingle with characters from other books and learn about their unique stories.

Book Character Day was a massive success and a testament to the power of reading!


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