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CSS happily welcomes the Chinese New Year 啓思中學喜迎新春

Students and staff happily celebrated the New Year of the Ox by taking part in our first-ever virtual Chinese New Year celebration.

Whilst F1 and F6 students stayed in their house rooms for the celebration, students of other forms went online to watch Youtube live broadcast from the comfort of their homes.

Across the campus and on Youtube live, students and staff came together to celebrate this important festival. They also learnt about Chinese New Year traditions and the meaning of various activities. CSS believes in making cultures and traditions come alive. Students on campus learnt how to write “Fai Chun” and became more familiar with the Chinese New Year greetings: wishing for good luck, good health, happiness and success. Other elements of Chinese culture such as Chinese music, stories, Chinese cuisine and other cultural references were shared throughout the whole school community. Principal Adames also sent his greetings by turning himself into the God of Fortune to distribute red packets with sweets to all F1 & F6 students on campus. He was happy to welcome students back to school to share in this annual tradition.



在整個校園和Youtube直播中,學生和教職員齊齊慶祝這個重要節日。他們學會農曆新年的傳統以及各種活動的意義。啓思中學致力於將文化和傳統變得生動。在校園裡,學生學習如何寫揮春,並更加熟悉農曆新年的問候語:祝君好運、健康、快樂和成功。學校社群共同分享中國文化的其他元素,例如中國音樂、故事、美食和其他文化。校長 Anthony Adames還搖身一變成為財神,向校內的中一和中六生派發盛有糖果的利是,以此送上祝福。他很高興看到學生回到校園,共享這一年一度的傳統。


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