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CSS Visual Arts Exhibition Showcases Students’ Artwork 啓思中學視覺藝術展 展示中六生藝術作品

Students were happy to showcase their artwork at the annual F.6 IBDP and HKDSE Visual Arts Exhibition on 1st and 2nd March 2021.

One hundred art pieces with different themes in various media, including oil painting, charcoal, digital animation, video and sculpture were exhibited in our School Hall for students and staff’s appreciation.

Teachers of the Visual Arts Department commented, that it was not easy to learn and teach during the pandemic. Students had to learn through an online platform. When classes resumed, they carried their large art pieces from home to school for teachers’ guidance. It was wonderful to see their progress.

In order to celebrate students’ talent and outcomes, the department maintained the usual practice of displaying students’ art work in our School Hall, which allowed students and staff to visit the show.

Thank you to all CSS students and the Visual Arts Department for their hard work!







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