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Exploring the World of Science with Professor Dennis Lo at CUHK

Written by Form 5 HUI Hannah Winglam

Exploring Science with CUHK Professor Dennis Lo
Exploring Science with CUHK Professor Dennis Lo

The school trip to the Science Park was a remarkable and inspiring experience for all students and teachers involved. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with CUHK Professor Dennis Lo, an accomplished scientist whose groundbreaking research on fetal DNA in the mother's blood has earned international recognition and has had a profound impact on prenatal diagnostics and genetic testing around the world. Professor Lo shared his journey as a scientist and gave students insight into the world of science in our everyday lives. He demonstrated how science can be observed and applied on a daily basis and encouraged students to actively engage in scientific exploration and discovery. Students were given a tour of Professor Lo’s laboratory and were able to witness firsthand the practical applications of scientific research as well as apply their scientific knowledge. This experience has not only enriched the students' academic knowledge but has also inspired students to continue pursuing their interests in the field of science and medical research. Professor Lo's passion and dedication to scientific research will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the students and teachers who were fortunate enough to meet him.


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