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Form 2 Visual Arts: Animal Sculpture Project

To gain knowledge of contemporary sculptures, students studied the public art installations by Florentijn Hofman and local artist Wong Tin Yan. They then brainstormed and researched an animal of their choice and designed and created a model which will fit within the school environment. To realize their sculpture designs, students assembled a combination of recycled materials (newspaper, aluminum wire, masking tape, modroc) to make a maquette, and used various textures and patterns to complete the surface design.

Student List:

F2Ba SO Yi Zoe, F2Bo CHAN Mei Ki, F2Bo LAM Oscar, F2Bo WONG Ching Yee Serena, F2Bo HUI Cheuk Ki Audrey, F2Ca KAUR Shabad, F2De NG Ngo Yin Darryl, F2De POON Cheuk Kit Travis, F2De YANG Enoch, F2De SHI Evone, F2Ja IP Hoi Ching, F2Ju WILLIAMS Coral Aimee, F2Ju CHENG Chi Yuet Grace, F2Ju WONG Long Ching Lucas


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