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Form 6 Graduation Ceremony 2022-2023

Creative Secondary School Form 6 Graduates Embark on New Adventure with Motivational Messages on Self-Love and Lifelong Learning

On Friday, 9 June 2023, Creative Secondary School held an annual graduation ceremony to celebrate the significant achievements of our Form 6 graduates. It was a joyous occasion to see the graduates come together to mark this important milestone in their academic journeys.

As the Form 6 graduating class ends one chapter of their learning, they embark on a new adventure filled with great change and new opportunities. It is a time to reflect on their hard work and good times that have brought them to this point, and to celebrate their achievements with friends, family, and teachers.

During the morning's momentous farewell assembly for the Form 6 graduates, Acting Principal Ms. Lancy Tam emphasised the theme of love and the importance of self-love. She urged the graduates to spread kindness and love wherever they go, stating that "you must love yourself before you can love others." Later, during the Form 6 graduation ceremony in the afternoon, Ms. Tam touched on the concept of success. Referencing the school motto, "Through this place we thrive, we serve and find our place in the world," she encouraged the graduates to find their own definition of success. Ms. Tam addressed the importance of setting goals and working towards achieving them, but also reminded the graduates about finding happiness and fulfillment in the journey. She pointed out that life is not a competition and that success is about finding a place in the world where they can make a positive difference and be happy about it.

Our School Supervisor, Mr. Victor Fong, also delivered an inspiring speech emphasising the importance of lifelong learning, critical thinking, self-reflection, and positive thinking. As Mr. Fong stated in his speech, "The world we live in is constantly evolving at an enormous pace and the changes that you will face are becoming increasingly challenging." His message was clear: it is through these qualities that our graduates will be able to face these challenges and make a positive difference in the world.

We were honoured to have Mr. Chu Ka Tim, Chairman of the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education, as our guest of honor and guest speaker for the ceremony. In his speech, Mr. Chu highlighted the opportunities and challenges presented by technological advancements in an increasingly digital age. He emphasized the importance of equipping young people with the skills and knowledge needed to make the most of AI and other new technologies while navigating their potential risks, inspiring our graduates to be proactive in shaping their own futures.

As we congratulated our graduates during the conferral of the certificates, we learned about their successes and the next stage of their journey. We are proud of all that they have achieved and wish them every success in their future endeavors.


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