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Home and Youth Affairs Bureau's Youth Development Blueprint Seminar

On 30 March, 2022, our students had the opportunity to take part in the Youth Development Blueprint Seminar held by the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau (HYAB). The event was a significant moment for the future of Hong Kong's youth and provided an excellent platform for the students to engage with the Government's vision and guiding principles for the long-term development of young people.

The HYAB's Youth Development Blueprint outlines more than 160 concrete actions and measures supporting youth development, with the aim of nurturing a new generation of young people with an affection for Hong Kong and equipped with a global perspective, an aspiring mind-set, and positive thinking. The Bureau is committed to providing young people with an enabling environment to cherish hope for the future and strive for continuous growth, so that they can unleash their full potential in society and contribute to Hong Kong, our country, and the world.

Our students were excited to be part of such an important moment and were keenly interested in the blueprint's vision and guiding principles. They recognized the significance of the Government's commitment to providing young people with an enabling environment to develop and thrive, and were eager to learn more about the concrete actions and measures supporting youth development.

Overall, the event was a great success, and our students left feeling inspired and motivated to make a positive contribution to their community.


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