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IBDP Theatre Students Wow Audiences with Solo Performances Inspired by Legendary Theorists

We are excited to share that our Form 6 IBDP Theatre students recently presented their Solo Theatre Performances, which took place from 27-30 March 2023. William Barlow, Richie Jenkins, Mackenzie Girvan, Ashly Carey and Chiara De'eb each researched a prominent theorist from the world of theatre and applied an aspect of the theorists' theory in their performance.

The Solo Theatre Performances were a culmination of the students' knowledge and development in theatre over the past two years. Not only did the performances showcase the students' understanding of theatre theory, but they also demonstrated their growth in performing, design, and theatre creation.

William Barlow explored Steven Berkoff's theory of Total Theatre to express his journey through the IB Diploma Programme, while Richie Jenkins immersed himself in the world of Kazuo Ohno's Butoh dance, where he used Ohno’s theory of transformation to look at the plight of refugees around the world. Mackenzie Girvan delved into Jacques Lecoq’s 7 levels of tensions to create a comedic look at the dangers of procrastination, and Ashly Carey explored Robert Lepage's use of projections to create dreamstates and alternate realities. Finally, Chiara De'eb used Robert Wilson's avant-garde approach to theatre and use of light to explore the decisions our leaders make on medical mandates.

We congratulate our performers on their hard work and dedication to the art of theatre. We're proud to see how far they've come and can't wait to see what they'll achieve in the future. They have all put in a tremendous effort preparing for these performances, and we wish them the best of luck on their upcoming exams.

Overall, the Solo Theatre Performances were a fantastic opportunity for our Form 6 IBDP Theatre students to showcase their talents and knowledge of theatre theory. We commend them for their commitment and creativity and look forward to seeing their continued growth as artists.


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