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IBDP Virtual Art Exhibition - Resilience, Creativity, and More

IBDP students created a virtual gallery of their artworks during the difficult period but they had to show their flexibility and willingness to try their best under extraordinary circumstances.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen great exhibitions all over the world go online. When schools closed in Hong Kong at the beginning of the year, our F6 IBDP Visual Arts students adapted their IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition into a virtual gallery.

Celebrating the incredible artworks created by our seven IBDP Visual Arts students, we bring you a virtual experience to view from the comfort and safety of your own home. You will see them all again in June as part of a much larger exhibition of the Creative Continuum.

Students this year explored such themes as Colour, Nature & Movement in a variety of media.

In these most difficult times, the students faced many challenges, some had unfinished pieces of artwork at school and were dealing with the stress of this unprecedented time and the uncertainty of this pandemic. However, they handled it with grace, resilience, and determination.

We are so incredibly proud of their achievement and indeed outstanding creativity was shown.

A huge congratulations to our resilient and creative artists: Bryan Wong, Nicole Chen, Maxine Fu, Patrick Chu, Shannon Hoo, Vincent Chan and William Hung.


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