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Improve Digital School Library Service: Transform Students’ Learning Experience

The CSS library is not just a room full of books. Instead, it is an information hub of print, electronic, and human resources to support learning communities across our three programmes. Key to this teaching and learning is collaboration between teachers and librarians.

As part of the Form 3 MYP Language Acquisition class’s unit on approaches to learning (ATL) skills, teachers are working with library staff to develop research skills. They have looked at how to access the on-line resources our library has to offer, how to use the Dewey Decimal system to assess the print collection, and how to use indexes and tables of contents to seek information on specialized topics in large, more general information books. , Ms. Wong has given a workshop on how to properly reference research in written academic assignments. This is important in all areas of schooling, but it is particularly important for Form 3 students who must do significant research with accurate references in order to complete the MYP Community Project.

This extra expert instruction has been invaluable as students work on individual research projects for our unit. This is just a single, small example of the rich collaboration that links teachers and students to their resource center, a place that we simply call the library.


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