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Incredible Turnout and Unforgettable Moments at Sports Day 2023

There was no better indication that the curtain of Covid restrictions is finally lifting than the CSS Sports Day held on Friday, 17 February 2023 at the Sai Kung Sports Ground. While last year a limited, half-day event was held, this year except for the masks on the spectators and teachers, everything was back to normal.

As usual was the meticulous symphony of planning conducted by Head of PE Mr. Paul Stanley and performed by an orchestra of announcers, marshalls, starters, event officials, and result compilers to name just a few. Everyone in the school community played their part including a large team of enthusiastic and effective student helpers.

But the highlight was of course the athletic performances. When asked what surprised him most about the event Mr. Stanley remarked “there were some outstanding individual performances even though students had not been able to train year after year.” A standout among many, Janice (Form 2) set records in both the 100 meters and the long jump.

Always much anticipated, the teacher and parents' relay did not disappoint. While it was not a big surprise that the PE department managed to win, it was how they won that thrilled the crowd. Mostly even after two legs, PE sprinter Mr. Karandeep Singh charged to the front and in a blurry-fast anchor leg. Ms. Alexandra Tse left the other hard-running teams far behind.

House captains played their part as well, preparing banners and distributing cheering props. The spectator stands were alive with colors and costumes and cheers encouraging their housemates to run faster, leap higher and longer, and throw further. “I think the 100 meters was the best part”, said Aki (Form 3). Another student remarked that he especially enjoyed “chatting with friends.”

Mr. Stanley provided a nice summary of the day saying “It was nice to see everyone competing with a smile on their face and staff working together to make it bigger and better than it has ever been.”


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