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【#WeAreCSSAlumni: Find Your Place in The World】Interview with World Class Ballet Dancer Janis Liu

We spoke to Janis Liu, our 2015 Alumnus, who is now the Founder and Artistic Director at her own dancing studio - The Grand Ballet. Janis started dancing at a very young age and at the age of 16, she achieved the Solo Seal Award.

Becoming a professional dancer is not easy as it takes years of tough training and exceptional harmonization.

Janis has won numerous international and important awards competing in many significant competitions including the prestigious Varna International Ballet Competition held in Varna, Bulgaria, USA IBC in Jackson, the Asian Grand Prix and the Miami International Ballet Competition.

Besides taking part in various challenging competitions, she has also performed in major performances around the world. She has performed as soloist in Stone Flower, The Nutcracker, Chipollino, Paquita, Harlequinade, Firebird, Pentimento, Fairy Doll, Danzon and has traveled to Mexico, Peru, Poland and Malaysia as a guest dancer with Vladimir Issaev.

Janis says, ‘CSS offered me a scholarship every year. The savings from the tuition became the budget to support my journey in ballet.’

She is also thankful to CSS for helping her achieve her dream - to become the top ballet dancer. ‘I wouldn't become who I am today without the support from the school,’ said Janis.

“Determination and persistence are vital to succeed in ballet. Ballet is very challenging. It's one of the most physically demanding sports and requires a lot of strength and stamina, and we have it make it look effortless," said Janis.


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