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Meet CSS's Perfect Scoring IB Students

Congratulations to our perfect IB scorers Arthur Cho and Alden Lo!

Two years’ hard work has certainly paid off for CSS students, especially to Arthur and Alden who scored the maximum mark of 45 in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). It is an exceptional achievement that requires students to score seven in all six major subjects in the IBDP, and an extra three points in the combined Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge core elements. Here, we speak to two of the school’s top scorers, Arthur Cho and Alden Lo, to discover the secrets of their success.

Arthur Cho will be joining the University of Hong Kong to study medicine.

Arthur said: “My way of finding a balance between studies, sports, and community service is to have a very regular schedule. Every Friday night I will take part in a voluntary event at the YMCA. I served underprivileged children and led some events. And that’s a good way for me to relax.”

Arthur also shared some advice to the next cohort of students in the IB. He said: “The most important aspect of IB is time management. Every subject that you choose is about pursuing what you want to be in the future.’’

When asked about how he would celebrate his top-scoring results, Arthur replied humbly, “It was a very fortunate experience for me but we are not really celebrating. This is a very small milestone in my journey and there are lots of challenges when I become a doctor in the future.”

Alden Lo plans to study Linguistics in the United States.

Alden began with us at the Creative Primary School’s Kindergarten

and Creative Primary School and all the way through to Creative Secondary School. He believes that the schools

help students grow eventually into healthy, balanced, active, and compassionate citizens of the world.

He said: “For me, community service is important because I give back to society and do something that I enjoy. I chose to help prepare food and lunchboxes for people in need.”

He added that “CSS has helped me grow a lot! The teachers are willing to help, answer my questions, and “argue” with me, which is very important when we need to learn critical thinking.”

Alden is feeling grateful that the school emphasizes all-round education and encourages the students and himself to have a creative mindset.

Our sincerest congratulations to Arthur and Alden, and we wish all IBDP students who take part in the 2023 Exam the best of luck and we hope that you will continue to accomplish greater things!


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