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Parent's Talk: Communication and Consensus Between Husband and Wife on Parenting

CSSPTA hosted an enlightening talk on 25 February 2023, featuring esteemed speaker Dr. Yu Tak Shun, who shared his expertise on the topic of "Communication and Consensus between Husband and Wife on Parenting" (夫妻於教養上的溝通與共識) with our parents. We understand that effective communication and mutual agreement between partners are crucial in raising children, and we were grateful for Dr. Yu's valuable insights and practical advice on fostering a positive and thriving relationship between spouses while navigating the challenges of parenting.

Dr. Yu's talk provided our parents with helpful guidance on how to build a strong foundation of communication and consensus, which are essential for creating a harmonious family environment. His tips on managing conflicts and understanding each other's perspectives were particularly insightful, and we are confident that our parents left the talk feeling more equipped to handle the complexities of modern parenting.

At CSSPTA, we are committed to providing our parents with opportunities to learn from experts like Dr. Yu and to strengthen their parenting skills. We look forward to hosting more events in the future that will support our community in raising happy, healthy, and well-adjusted children.


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