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Participated in the Hong Kong Youth Red Fujian Tour

Form 4 Leung Hoi Lam, Kimberly participated in the Hong Kong Youth Red Fujian Tour organized by the National Education Promotion Association 香港國民教育促進會. At Chairman Jiang's initiative, 168 patriots and Hong Kong compatriots jointly established the "Hong Kong National Education Promotion Association".

With the purpose of "promoting national education and raising national awareness", it focuses on the formulation of national education policies, develops Hong Kong people's understanding of the motherland, and enhances Hong Kong people's national concept and sense of belonging. In this event, Kimberly, as the representative of Hong Kong students, gave a summary on behalf of the whole group at the event summary meeting, demonstrating the literary talent and cultivation of Hong Kong students.

Kimberly’s summary was highly praised by the leaders of the Fujian Provincial Government. This performance not only represents the image of our team, but also demonstrates the outstanding characteristics of Hong Kong students.


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